Tue, 10 Nov 2009
Advertising works

I occasionally come across images that get variations on old advertising jingles stuck in my head.

Like this image, and the following jingle:

"Nobody makes / girl_in_a_cup / like Lip-tan cup of girl..."

(Images and advertising on the site may contain nudity. The corresponding links on the supposedly safe-for-work version, safebooru, are here, here, and here. The whole Lip-tan manga is available translated at the full danbooru but not at safebooru.)

Fri, 01 Oct 2004
Battle Cry

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Running out of the fields, brandishing a piece of chainlink fence, cometh Taper! And he gives a gutteral roar:

"I'm going to pummel you in such an unsafe manner, the devil himself will plead for mercy!!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

I rather like this one. Unsafe manner.

(From Tony.)

Sun, 01 Aug 2004
Social Entity meme
The Regular Jo(e)
Category III - The Regular

You are the quintessential standard conjured by the
word 'Friend'.

What Type of Social Entity are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

It's nice to hear...
Fri, 02 Jul 2004
20 Question Personality

From Jenny Turplish Slapped Me :

You are an SECF--Sober Emotional Constructive Follower. This makes you a hippie. You are passionate about your causes and steadfast in your commitments. Once you've made up your mind, no one can convince you otherwise. Your politics are left-leaning, and your lifestyle choices decidedly temperate and chaste.
You do tremendous work when focused, but usually you operate somewhat distracted. You blow hot and cold, and while you normally endeavor on the side of goodness and truth, you have a massive mean streak which is not to be taken lightly. You don't get mad, you get even.
Please don't get even with this web site.

(Seen at jmaynard's LJ.)

Any opinions on this, O people who know me?

Mon, 24 May 2004
Warning label meme

From Go-Quiz.com So there, m*****f*****s.
Wed, 14 Apr 2004
Which OS? meme
I like.
You are Apple Dos. Simple and primitive with a good understanding of the common man. You're still a work in progress, but a good start.
Which OS are You?
Thu, 05 Feb 2004
I like this map better

create your own visited states map or write about it on the open travel guide

The eastern states are the result of one extended trip.

Fri, 23 Jan 2004
Map Memery

create your own visited country map or write about it on the open travel guide

Kinda sad, really. I always had an ambition to be a great world traveler, and I haven't left the continent or even been to Mexico. Ah, well.

Mon, 12 Jan 2004
Random Songs Meme

Taken from mycroftband timmowarner.

1. Put all of your songs onto a playlist, or cue up your most recently used playlist
2. Set it to random
3. Note down the first 10-15 songs it chooses

Flip Flop & Fly - Blues Brothers
I Ain't Marching Anymore - Phil Ochs
Nature Sounds- Moxy Fruvous
Dog Food Woman - Arrogant Worms
The Water Is Wide - John Gorka
The Masochism Tango - Tom Lehrer
White Boots Marching In A Yellow Land - Phil Ochs
The Jam On Jerry's Rock - Limeliters
Marvin - Limeliters
Calypso - John Denver
Turn! Turn! Turn! - Pete Seeger
Three Fishers (live) - Stan Rogers
Miserlou - Dick Dale & His Del-Tones
Shin Gakki (6) - Azumanga Daioh OST 1
The Ups And Downs - Steeleye Span

Heavy on the folkie, particularily Phil Ochs there.

Mon, 24 Nov 2003
Digital Ace

Newsweek is running a 'Test your Digital IQ' survey. I come out with a 194 - genius level is seemingly 110+ . Woo. (And this despite admitting that my backup solution is to say "gee, I really ought to do that one of these days".)

(Seen at Life in the Zu .)

Sun, 02 Nov 2003
I Like Maps
I'm trying to get all my Livejournal friends' locations plotted on a map - please add your location starting with this form.
(Then get your friends to!)
Sat, 25 Oct 2003
Gematria and My Weblog
This site is certified 35% EVIL by the Gematriculator This site is certified 65% GOOD by the Gematriculator

(Run specifically against http://waxwolf.org/.)

Mon, 20 Oct 2003
Mythological forms
You are Form 1, Goddess: The Creator. "And The Goddess planted the acorn of life.
She cried a single tear and shed a single drop
of blood upon the earth where she buried it.
From her blood and tear, the acorn grew into
the world."
Some examples of the Goddess Form are Gaia (Greek),
Jehova (Christian), and Brahma (Indian). The Goddess is associated with the concept of
creation, the number 1, and the element of
earth. Her sign is the dawn sun. As a member of Form 1, you are a charismatic
individual and people are drawn to you.
Although sometimes you may seem emotionally
distant, you are deeply in tune with other
people's feelings and have tremendous empathy.
Sometimes you have a tendency to neglect your
own self. Goddesses are the best friends to
have because they're always willing to help.

Which Mythological Form Are You?
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Thu, 09 Oct 2003
Myers Briggs
INFP - "Questor". High capacity for caring. Calm and pleasant face to the world. High sense of honor derived from internal values. 1% of the total population.
Take Free Myers-Briggs Personality Test
The usual result. Hadn't seen the percentages before:
Introverted (I) 68.97% Extroverted (E) 31.03%
Intuitive (N) 66.67% Sensing (S) 33.33%
Feeling (F) 52.78% Thinking (T) 47.22%
Perceiving (P) 66.67% Judging (J) 33.33%
Wed, 01 Oct 2003
What Azumanga Daioh Character am I?
You are Sakaki-san! I want to meet you. In fact,
everyone does. You're the coolest person out
there. You are just inherently cool. But...
you wish you weren't. You'd give it all up for
being cute. Really really cute. You become
obsessed by things and focus on them 100% of
the time... and never with any results. You
get easily embarrased and are very shy. You
rarely feel comfortable in your own body. You
try to protect your friends, and you always win
whatever you do... without even trying. You'd
like to be good with animals, but they ussually
just use you... and sometimes abuse you. But
they are the most important things in the
world, along with cuteness and emotions. You
tend to try to hide your inner shyness with a
mask of indifference, but really, there's
nothing to hide. You are just really cool.
Your best friend would be a Kagura, and you
should defenitely go into whatever field suits
you best. You are good at everything, so just
do what you love doing!

The Azumanga Daioh Character Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

This is possibly the most flattering poll result I've gotten.

People should watch this show. (Fansubs are out there, but it's been picked up by ADV so they may be getting rare and you might wait for the DVDs.) Also they should read the manga it's based on - little quick four-panel gag strips, mostly, which gives the anime something of the pacing of the old Charlie Brown and Snoopy show - kind of disconnected storylines, but funny and nice.

(This series is very low on giant robots, martial arts, and magical girls, but high on cuteness.)

Tue, 09 Sep 2003
Anime Life

Via Jon :


Your Anime Life by kazoku
Your username
Gross income of creators$6,462,071
Your roleVillain's Misunderstood Underling
Your secretYou're an angst whore.
Will you save the world?No, you croak half-way through the last battle.
Created with quill18's MemeGen!


Your Anime Life by kazoku
Your username
Gross income of creators$7,805,319
Your roleTentacle Monster
Your secretYou have the hots for your sensei.
Will you save the world?No, you're too busy playing Final Fantasy XXVIII to care.
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

I'm not sure which is worse. At least as a tentacle monster I might be good at Final Fantasy...

Wed, 27 Aug 2003
Ozy and Millie Title
Via Rhia (), among others:
My Ozy and Millie title is:
Sovereign Parallel Rutabaga Maxi-Lampshade Cetacean Gewgaw Taper (the Eleventh) !

To get your Ozy and Millie title, enter your name here:

Wed, 20 Aug 2003
Where did your soul originate?
You come from the Ocean. You've always been drawn
to the sea, the sound of the waves, the crystal
blue water, near the sea is where you belong.

Where Did Your Soul Originate?
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Tue, 12 Aug 2003
Giant Battle Monster!
I can defeat using Strength!


is a Collosal Mecha-Moth that spins Vast Webs, cowers from Fire, swallows Aeroplanes Whole, and eats Rocks.

Strength: 9 Agility: 3 Intelligence: 4

To see if your Giant Battle Monster can
defeat taper, enter your name and choose an attack:

fights taper using
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